Welcome to the group of Prof. Dr. S. Günther

Imaging catalytic processes on surfaces

In our research we try to prepare model catalytic systems in order to image catalytic processes at interfaces. For this purpose, microscopy and spectroscopic techniques are combined. Here, so called spectromicroscopes offer the possibility to characterize the chemical status of a surface in addition to the obtained information on surface structure and topology.  These types of experiments will be performed at synchrotron light sources. Another main technique which will be set up in the research group is scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). Here, it is aimed at developing a microscope which can perform in situ analysis at elevated temperatures and pressures.  The design of the new microscope will be based on the STM 150 Aarhus instrument from SPECS. Model systems for heterogeneous catalysts will be set up and characterized under ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) and elevated pressure conditions.